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Helicopter & Aircraft Wine Tours

Specialized wine tours for those who don't have time or wish to travel with another means of transportation.  


Travelling in an airplane or helicopter is an amazing experience.  Above that it is the only way of transportation that will allow you to reach your destination in the fastest possible way giving you more time to enjoy your wine tour and culinary experience.



We have tours available between Athens and the islands of Mykonos, Santorini and Paros, all located in Cyclades complex.  More destinations, mainland or islands, are available upon request.


Santorini is a unique destination that attracts millions of visitors every year mostly for it's wonderful volcanic landscape.  Apart from those beauties, the island has to offer two distinctive PDO* wines: Santorini appellation consisting of 3 local varieties (Assyrtiko, Aidani and Athiri), and Vinsanto appellation a sweet wine made mostly from sundried Assyrtiko grapes.  Assystiko is the main variety of the island.  The combination of volcanic soil and microclimate gives a unique character in all local varieties, making them famous all over the world.


Paros is another very beautiful island located in the center of Cyclades complex, and was one of the oldest wine productions centers in Ancient Greece.  Here you can also find two PDO* wines: Paros appellation that are a blend of the white variety Monemvassia and the red variety Mandelaria (It is the only appellation in Greece that allows white and red grapes in the production of red wine).  The second appellation of Paros is Malvasia Paros, a sweet, barrel-aged wine, made from sundried Monemvassia in a mixture with Assyrtiko.


Maximum group size: 6 passengers.


Contact us for tour details and costing.

*PDO (Protected Designations of Origin)