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SpyrosBusiness Owner. After 17 years in the corporate travel industry, he decided to combine his love for wine with his expertise in the field. Currently WSET-Level 2 certified.

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FotisA self-driven wine consultant & wine service trainer. He has worked as a bar manager, and sommelier. He is also a coffee lover, with vast knowledge of brews, etc. Also a barista trainer and judge in coffee competitions.

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ArisLittle can be said about Aris. Originally an oenologist, and now a sommelier and wine counselor. Awarded the Best Sommelier of Greece in 2019, and represented Greece in the 16th Contest of the A.S.I. Best Sommelier of the World in Belgium later in 2019. He also writes in various wine magazines and blogs.

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DespoinaAn Oenologist, certified Pro Wine Expert and Beer Sommelier. She has worked in many areas of the wine industry, from production to sales. Currently she is an advisor at Genius in Gastronomy a beverage consulting company.

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OlgaA wine and people lover and a practicing Psychiatrist. Holds a WSET Level 3 and is certified in Olive Oil Tasting. Born in Johannesburg, but her family could not resist the beauty of Greece. She recently entered a wine writing competition by Jancis Robinson and presented a Greek and a French wine maker, with an emphasis on how character meets the wine.

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