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Athens Wine Tasting

vins - oenotourism events offers a variety of alternative exclusive options to experience while in Athens.  We have discovered a few hidden places that will enhance your tasting palette of Greek wines in a beautiful and friendly environment.




Terroir Driven Athens Wine Tasting Tour


It's quite common for wine enthusiasts to be in a country with great oenological interest, but huge distances between the vineyards that do not allow them to travel and feel the experience of a wine tasting on site. As we are also wine lovers, we prepared a terroir driven wine tasting of eight (8) quite distinctive, and hard to find, Greek grape varieties from all over the country.  From north to south, from mainland to the Greek islands, you will experience the magic of the Greek vineyard, presented by a well-travelled and experienced sommelier.


Basic Tour Details:

  • Pick up & return luxury transfer from your point of choice within Athens.
  • Unique tasting of 8 distinctive wines exclusively from Greek varieties (white and red, dry and sweet).
  • Guidance and wine presentation by an experienced sommelier/wine expert throughout the tour.
  • Wine pairing with local bread, ham & cheese.
  • Learn about the individuality of the local grape varieties.
  • Minimum number of people 2.
  • Duration of tasting 2 hours.
  • Instead of a snack, this wine tour can also be offered with lunch or dinner. In case of dinner, there is no time limit for the end of the tour.


Advance Tour Details:

  • Include the basic tasting as described above.
  • After the completion of the wine tasting we will drive you to selected restaurants in Athens were we have set up unique degustation menus with food and wine pairing. The cuisine, depending from the venue, varies from molecular, to gourmet French, to modern Greek, to specialized fish tavern.



  • Basic wine tour can be organized from 12h00 until 17h30 (latest departure time). Tour has to end the latest by 20:00.



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